The bones , muscles and fibrous structure combinely form the joint which is responsible for body movement and provide structural frame work to our body . disorder of muscleskeltol system affect all age group , throughout the world most people , approach the physician for pain and locomotor function impairment . Joint pain is a physical discomfort that arises from any diseases and injury . It can affect multiple joint and single joint . There are numerous causes that can cause joint pain and restrict it’s functioning . Joint pain are localized or refired one


  • Due to osteoarthritis
    • It is a most common joint pain
    • shooting type of pain
    • pain aggravates on changing posture and evening
    • associated with criptation
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
    • several pain along with stiffness
    • pain aggravates in morning and rainy days
  • Gout
    • pain along with physical disformity
  • Stress/strain pain
    • pain aggravates on joint movement like synovitis
  • Degenerative changes
    • it occurs when flexible tissue at the end of bones wear down
  • Fracture
    • the soft tissue around the fracture get injured cause pain


  • Vata anulomana
  • Anna pachana
  • Shool prashasan
  • Bruhana


  • Nidana parivarjana
  • Shodhan. # snehana and abhyanga (oileation and massage) # swedana (sudation) # lepam (application) # upnaha (tie poultie) # basti (local or gernalizes) # nasya
  • Sharman. # deepan pachn aushadhi # internal medicine . Rasanasaptate kwatha
    • Gandaha taile
    • Asth shakti
    • Gandharva hasthadi kwath
    • Shauthi churan
    • Pain o kill syrup

# external

  • abhyanga :- pain o kill Sahcharadi tail Dhanwantri tail Ksheorbat tail Sandhili tail
  • Lepam :- kottamchukadi lepam


  • drink a glass of cow milk daily . A great source of calcium.
  • reduce weight to avoid strain in joint.
  • add turmeric in daily diet because it have a curcumin chemical property which reduce pain.
  • ginger has analgesic and anti inflammatory property. So consume daily in form of tea.
  • regular exercise help in delaying degenerative changes.
  • consume 1 teaspoon of shunthi powder in Luke warm water daily to relieve pain and inflammation.