Patra Pinda Sweda – Ayurvedic Therapy for Back and Spine Pain

Patra pinda sweda

Patra pinda sweda is a specialized therapy which is used in the management of uncomplicated severe back pain. Patra means leaves of medicinal plants, pinda means a bolus and sweda means fomentation or sudation. The swedana karma or sudation therapy which is given by using a bolus which is prepared by the different combination of medicinal leaves which is processed with medicinal oil along with the medicinal herbs is called patra pinda sweda. This procedure is unique in a way that it involves both snehana and swedana.


The person is made to lie on the massage table or droni. Abhyanga is performed for a few minutes with medicated oil using bolus. The bolus is prepared by chopping the leaves of medicinal plants which have the property of relieving pain, inflammation and stiffness. These leaves are then fried in vatahara oils along with other medicaments like lemon pieces, garlic, turmeric etc. These are then tied in a piece of cloth to form a bolus. The bolus is then dipped in the warm medicated oil and is massaged over the body. The procedure lasts for about 45 min to one hour.


Patra pinda sweda is indicated in the following conditions:-

  1. Chronic back pain
  2. Lumbar spondylosis
  3. Cervical spondylosis
  4. Arthritis
  5. Stiffness in the joints
  6. Swelling in the body and joints
  7. Muscular pains
  8. Sciatica pain
  9. Muscle cramps


Patra pinda sweda proves to be beneficial in the following ways:-

  1. Increases blood circulation
  2. Strengthens and rejuvenates bones, muscles, tissues and nerves
  3. Helps reduce pain, inflammation and stiffness of the muscles
  4. Induces good sleep