Raktamokshana (Leech Therapy) – Magic of Ayurveda

Raktamokshana, Leech Therapy

What is so special and amazing about Leech therapy or Jaloka Avacharan or Raktamokshana that even Demi Moore, the beautiful actress from Hollywood, confesses using it to detoxify and stay young? In fact, even the leading beauty experts of the world call Leech therapy a natural Botox!

While most of us know that Leech is the worm that sucks blood; not many know that Leech sucks only impure blood to be very specific. It might scare you that how can a blood-sucking worm cure the skin infection or save someone’s foot suffering from diabetic foot injury from imputation. But the truth is Leech therapy when done by an expert Ayurvedic Vaidya is one of the most effective treatments for many diseases and problems.

There are many interesting things about Leech therapy which are listed below:-

  • Leech therapy or Raktamokshana is actually a blood purification therapy where leeches are used to suck the impure blood from the infected part of the body.
  • The patient does experience a little bit of pain when the leech bites or sucks the blood from a point on your skin. But this is a bearable pain and the treatment is very safe without any side effects. However, there can be mild redness or skin rashes post the therapy which will disappear within 24-48 hours depending on the patient’s response.
  • Another important thing to understand is that leeches are parasites with an enzyme in their saliva that gets released in the patient’s blood when leeches bite on a skin area. This saliva stops the patient’s blood from clotting; the saliva also has antiseptic properties. So the pain of leech bite or sucking is over the moment its saliva mixes with the blood.
  • Leech therapy is an advanced form of treatment in Ayurveda. You may not see many Ayurvedic practitioners doing leech therapy. One, medicinal leeches are not easily available. Secondly, only an expert Ayurvedic Vaidya can manager and administer Leech therapy for best results. The cleanliness and hygiene element play a vital role in the success of Leech therapy. That’s why one should always get it done from renowned Ayurvedic doctors.

Leech Therapy is no less that magic wand and can cure many a health problems. Take a look at what all can be cured by this therapy:-

  1. In case of diabetic foot injury or gangrene leading to foot amputation – One of the most horrible problems associated with Diabetes is foot injury which can lead to Gangrene because diabetes stops blood from reaching the foot owing to blockage of blood vessels. Gangrene or Diabetic foot injury can be fatal and in some cases, the patient has to opt for amputation. But, thanks to this Leech therapy, one can save the foot as well as the trouble of spending money on a surgery! At Chandigarh Ayurveda Centre, experts have saved many a patients from getting their foot amputation with the help of leech therapy only.
  2. Leech therapy for skin problems – Forget PRP therapy or face surgical treatments; Ayurveda has a better way of addressing your skin problems like infections, eczema or many other problems beyond skin. And that is Leech Therapy – Raktamokshana. Skin problems are so common these days. Teenagers suffer from acne and pimples for which they use cosmetic products and make the problem worse. Then, there are problems of blemishes or skin allergy that may happen due to over-exposure to sun or some internal toxic problems. Skin problems like Psoriasis or skin rashes which may break down a person’s confidence. Leech therapy can be used to cure all these problems. It gives best results without any side effects.
  3. Leech therapy is also used successfully to manage problems like High Blood Pressure and Arthritis.
  4. Leech therapy improves blood circulation and metabolism as well. Research has proved that the saliva of leech has over 100 bioactive substances that bring amazing health benefits. Like one of the useful components in Leech’s saliva is known for decreasing the viscosity of the blood. This helps the patients suffering from the problem of blood clotting happening commonly post diabetes or high cholesterol. The saliva of leech makes the consistency of blood thinner resulting in improved blood circulation.
  5. Leech therapy has shown its effectiveness in treating Hemorrhoids, also known as piles.

So, next time, you are having problems with your skin or see someone suffering from foot injuries or incurable wounds, do not forget to recommend Leech therapy.

Chandigarh and its adjoining cities are blessed to have the expertise of Vaidya Jagjit Singh and Vaidya Karanvir Singh who have helped thousands of complex cases through Leech therapy and treatments. To avail their guidance for problems relating to Skin diseases like psoriasis, acne or Varicose veins or even for Haemorrhoids which can be solved through Leech therapy, you can book an appointment with them at Chandigarh Ayurved & Panchakarma Centre.

Shatavari (Asparagus racemosus) – Benefits, Medicinal Usage and Properties

Shatavari (Asparagus racemosus) plants are found all over India. It has two varieties shatavari (small flower) asparagus racehorses and mahashatavari asparagus sarmentosus, for is described here as it has more medicinal value.


It has thorny, bushy and climbing vine. Thorns are1/4 to ½ inch long or slighty curved. The leaves are in groups of 3-7, in the shape of sickle and bent downwards. The flower bunches are 2-3 inch long, single or in bunches with single or branched stem.


Regarding its properties, ayurveda practitioners and experts have different opinions, which are listed below:

  1. According to bhaea prakash it is heavy, cool and bitter and nutritive. It enhances intelligence, promotes digestion, pacifies vata and pitta disorders and cures reduced semen production.
  2. According to acharya sushrat asparagus is beneficial in dryness and promotes physical strength. It beneficial in dryness and promotes physical strength. It purifies semen, enhances intelligence, and promotes digestive fire.
  3. According to dhanvantari nighantu, shatavari can cure even a very weak person. It promotes physical strength in the patient and enables the patient to fight the diseases. In enhances the immune system. It suppresses vata pitta, produces semen, is cool, and sweet.



Prepare its kheer and add ghee in it. Give this to the patient.


Cook its leaves in ghee and give this to the patient. It cures night blindness.


Extract juice from its fresh root and mix equal amount of sesame oil in it and boil the solution. Massage the head with this oil. It cures headache and migraine.


Give asparagus, bala and sugar mixed with honey to the patient it cures hoarseness of voice.


Mix 1 mix peepal powder in asparagus decoction and give this to the patient thrice a day.


Boil 10gm asparagus, 10gm leaves of adusa and 10gm sugar in 150ml water give this to the patient thrice a day in cures dry cough.


Take 1 part of its paste, 1 part gbee, and 4 parts milk.boil them together to form gbee. Give this to the patient as much as required it cures acidity, excessive bleeding vata and pitta disorders, bronchial asthma and unconsciousness.


Give its 20 gm powder with milk to the lactating mother. It increases the amount of milk production or grind it with cow milk and give this to the lactating woman. It makes the milk tasty, sweet and nutritive.


Grind wet asparagus with milk. Strain the milk and give this to the patient 4-6 times a day.


Cook it and eat or cook its powder in milk and eat. It enhances the potency.


Split the wet asparagus and take out the straw inside.


Prepare squash of asparagus and gokhru and give this to the patient. It cures all types of urinary disorders.


Give asparagus ghee to the patient. It cures the weakness of body.


Give 6-12 gm asparagus ghee to the patient, regularly. It enhances semen production.


  1. Mix honey and sugar in decoction of its root and give this to the patient. It cures dysuria.
  2. Take 30 gm whole plant of gokhru and equal amount of asparagus and boil them ½ liter water. Strain the solution and add 15 gm sugar candy and 3 teaspoonful honey in it. Give this to the patient in little amounts. It cures the burning sensation during urination and clears obstruction in urination. Or give milk decoction of gokhru and asparagus every morning and evening to the patient. It cures dysuria.


Mix 30 gm of its juice in equivalent amount of cow milk and give this to the patient. It cures even old stones in body.


Mix 30 gm of its juice in 90 ml milk and give this to the patient. It cures burning sensation completely.

Baheda (Bibhitaki, Terminalia Belerica) – Benefits, Medicinal Usage and Properties



Baheda (Bibhitaki, Terminalia Belerica) is found all over India, especially in the lower hilly areas. The plant sheds its leaves in Feb.-mar and bears new, copper colored tender leaves. It bears fruits in may which ripen in the following January- February.


The fruits contain tannin, B-sitosterol, galic acid, chebulasic acid, mannitol, glucose, galactose, fructose and ramnose. A yellow colored, shining, oil comes from the seeds kernel. The bark contains tannin.


It cures tridosas and is mainly used for curing cough related disorders. It is beneficial for the eyes, hair and cures jaundice, voice disorders, nasal problem, blood disorders, throat and breathing problem. It is anthelmintic.The seeds of the fruits help to cure eye problem. The bark is useful in anemia, liver disorders like jaundice and white ieucorrhoea. The seed is bitter and a toxicant. It cures thrist vomiting, vatta and also helps cures bronchitis. The fruits peel cures cough. It mainly affects the throat ans air passages. The seeds are analgesic and cure swelling and oedema also. Its excessive quantities may lead to vomiting. Herbs like baheda, Indian goosebeery, and black harad are beneficial in curing cough and vaginal problems. They purify milk and are digestive in nature.


  • GUNA (Quality) – Laghu, Ruksha
  • RASA (Taste) – Kashay
  • PRABHAV(Impact) – Chedan
  • VIPAK (Metabolism) – Madhur
  • VIRYA (Potency) – Ushan



Oil of the fruit kernel is extremely nutritive. It strengthens hair.

Eye Power:-

Mix equal quantities of baheda and sugar. Take this mixture every day. It cures pain in eyes.

Pain in Eyes:-

Prepare a paste of the bark with honey and apply on the eyes. It cures pain in the eyes.


Prepare 40-40 gm decoction of baheda and jawasa. Add 1b teaspoonful ghee in the decoction; give this to the patient thrice a day. It cures pitta and kapha fever. It also controls dizziness.

Heart Problems:-

Take equal quantities of powder of its fruit and Ashwagan.Take 4 gm of this mixture and mix with jiggery. Give this to the patient with warm water. It cures heart problems due to vata.

Mouth Dripping: –

Mix 2-1 ½ gm each of bahada and sugar. Give for a few days. It cures mouth dripping disorder.


  • Suck the peel of baheda.It controls cough.
  • Cook Malabar nut, black salt and bahada in goat milk and then give it the patient. It cures dry and wet cough.

Breathlessness and Asthma:-

Take equal quantities of baheba bark and grind to from a fine powder. Give 3 gm of this powder to the patient. It cures cough and asthma.

Loss of Appetite:-

Take 3-6 gm powder of fruits after meals. It enhances digestion power and cures loss of appetite. It also strengthens the stomach.


Take 2-3 gm seeds of fruits and mix it with honey. Give this to the patient every morning and evening. It cures dysurea and stones.


Grind baheda, rohidi, kutaj, kaith, chattiban, Sal and Kabila flowers to form powder. Take 2-4 gm of this powder with 1 teaspoonful honey and give it to the patient 2-3 times a day.


Take 2 gm baheda powder and add 6 gm jiggery patient every morning and evening. It enhances sexual desire and eliminates impotency.


  • Take 1-4 gm tree bark, 1-2 cloves and grind them in 1 teaspoonful honey. Give this to the patient 2-4 times a day. It controls loose motions.
  • Take 1-2 roasted baheda it cures chronic diarrhea problem.


Roast peel of Baheda in castor oil and grind it in strong vinegar. Apply this paste on the tumour. Within 1-3 days, the tumour gets cured.

Inflammation of Liver:-

  • Apply paste of baheda kernel. It dissolves and spreads out the swelling.
  • Apply the baheda paste on the eyes.


Drink 30-40 gm decoctions of beleric every morning and evening. It cures kapha, pitta and fever.

Liver problems:-

Apply oil of fruits kernel. It is beneficial in liver problems. It is also an effective pain reliever. Massaging by this oil also cures itching and burning sensation of skin.