Ankol (Alangium Salvifolium) – Medicinal Usage, Properties & Harmful Effects



Tiebid Alu retis is found as small as well as tall, big trees which grow typically in forests or dry and high land areas. These are found in Himalayan valley, Utter Pradesh, Bihar, Bengal, Rajasthan, South Indian and Burma.


Its tree is 5-15ft tall. Trunk is thick and round, bark is brown in colour. Leaves are 2-3inch long, alternate and are found in different shapes. With onset of summer season, leafless trees start bearing flowers. Flowers are white or yellowish white in color. These are about an inch long and grow single flowers or in bunch. Calyx of the flower is soft, velvety, and porous. Flowers have a nice fragrance. Fruits are round or oval in shape with single compartment. Seeds are large and sticky.


It is purgative and anthelmintic in nature. It is beneficial in curing pain and swelling. It has a binding nature and cures erysipelas, cough, pitta, blood disorders. It also helps in curing the effect of snake and mouse bite.


Fruit is cool, tasty and heavy. It is purgative, promotes physical strength, and cures vata pitta and burning sensation. It is also beneficial in curing chest problems.


Seeds are cool, tasty, heavy, sweet and unctuous. They promote physical strength, and eradicate burning sensation, cold, cough.



Give 1 ½ 3 gm of its root powder, morning and evening to the patient. It helps cure liver function and benefits in as cites.


Rub the root in lemon juice to from a thick paste. Give ½ teaspoonful of this paste to the patient 2 hours before meals. It shows magical results.


Prepare decoction of its 3gm root and give to the patient. It causes complete release of urine and relieves the patient.


Take 7gm of fruit pulp and mix with 1teaspoonful honey. Give this mixture with rice water in morning, afternoon and evening. It helps cure diarrhea.


Take 2gm powder of root of white flowered tiebid plant. Give this powder orally to the patient. It helps release of vomit without any difficulty.


Give 375 mg powder of its root orally to the patient. It cures constipation.


Give 1-3gm of the root powder two times a day. It causes sweating which immediately controls the seasonal fever and the body temperature becomes normal.


  1. Take 2gm powder of tie bid root and mix with 1 gm dry ginger powder and cook in rice water. Give this solution to the patient. It is beneficial in curing dengue fever and also in influenza.
  2. During fever, heat its leaves and tie on the painful area.


  1. Grind its fruit in water and apply the paste on the body. It cures the pain during fever.
  2. Grind its root and ginger root in water and apply the paste on the body. It cures the pain during fever.


Take 1-2 gm powder of its fruits. Give this to the patient orally and then give its decoction kept overnight. Give this treatment regularly.


  1. Take 4 gm powder of its fruits and 9 gm sugar candy. Grind then and give to the patient. This helps control the bleeding.
  2. Cook  the bark of its root in oil and medicate it. Apply this oil on the painful area. It cures the severe pain in arthritis.


In case of a cut by a sharp object, soak a piece of cotton in the tie bid seed oil and apply on the cut. It immediately stops bleeding.


Prepare paste of its roots bark and apply on the skin. It cures all types of skin problems.


In case of blocked knot of nerves, rub its root with water and apply the paste on the blocked knot. It brings immediate relief.


In case of a spider bite, rub its root with water and apply the paste on the bitten area or mix mustard oil in the paste and put a few drops in the ears.


Rub its root with water and give this mixture to the patient 1-2 times. It neutralizes the poison.


Take 12 gm root and prepare its decoction in 2 liter water. Strain the solution and at an interval of 10 minutes, give 40 gm decoction with 40 gm heated ghee to the patient. It causes vomiting and stools which eliminate the poison from the body. This helps in mellowing down the impact of poison. After this, prepare decoction of neem inner bark and add 1 gm tie bid root powder in it. Give this decoction to the patient.


Its usage in excess quantities is harmful.

Arand (Ricinus communis) | Castor Oil | Ayurvedic Properties

Its annual or perennial plants are cultivated or grown wild in forests at height of 600 ft. the oil extracted from its seed’s kernel is an excellent purgative. It is a beneficial herb for dermatoses and is also analgesic. It can be used as a medicinal herb to cure constipation and other gastric disorders. In the case of piles and fistula in the anus, cooked seeds soften the stool and relieve the misery. In addition to its medicinal value it is also nutritive. It is of two types – red and white. Also some trees produce large seeds and some small. The oil from the large seeds is used for burning that from small seeds is used in medicines.


These are annual plants, 8 – 15 ft tall and thin. The stem is greenish white and smooth the branches are greenish white and of medium size like sticks. The leaves are board with 7-11 cleavages. The leaf stalk is usually one foot long and hollow.


Castor cures cough, gastric disorders, swelling and oedema, and relieves body pain. It is penetrative and lubricating, anthelminic, anti- dermmatoses, and antipyretic.



  1. Due to dust in eyes: Use Castrol oil to eyeliner the eyes. It causes watering of eyes which actually rinses the eyes. Put 1drops of Castor oil in eyes. It releases the impurities from the eyes and in kukunak disorders. It reduces the impact of the disorder.
  2. Prepare poultice of castor oil with berley flour and tie on the eyes. It cures the swelling in eyes due to pitta.


  1. Apply castor oil all around the breasts. It rejuvenates the skin.
  2. Grind 2 castor oil seeds in vinegar and apply the paste on breasts. It cures the swelling.


  1. In case a pregnant women suffers from jaundice in the early stages, give 8gm juice of castor oil leaves every morning for 5 days. It cures jaundice and also cures the swelling.
  2. Take 4gm juice of its leaves and mix peepal powder in it. Give this to the patient as nasya or eyeliner. It cures jaundice.
  3. Give 5ml juice of its root in 200ml milk to the patient. It cures jaundice.


Take 2gm extract of its leaves and mix equal quantities of oil and jiggery. Give this to the patient. It cures cough.<


In case of severe stomach pain, every night before going to bed, give 1 lemon’s juice in 120ml warm water with castor oil mixed in it. The pain gets cured soon.


In case of blood and pus in stools, give 8gm castor oil. It controls the amount of pus and blood in stool.


At the start of illness, start giving 4-8gm castor oil. It can even help avoid the surgery.


Apply 1-2 times a day, the juice of its leaves on the child’s abdominal area. It kills the worms in the stomach.


Grind castor oil and mehandi leaves and apply the paste. It cures pain due to indigestion.


Mix 15 gm ash of its whole plant in 30 gm cow urine and give this to the patient.


To remove the extra fat deposited on the stomach area, wash and clean 15-40 gm root of castor oil plant and boil in 150 ml water till 40 ml water is left. Drink this regularly. It reduces the fat deposition.


To ease the delivery, after 4 months of pregnancy, give mild enema of castor oil after every- 14 days. At the time of delivery, give 20 gm castor oil with tea or milk. It ensures early delivery.


  1. Dip a piece of cloth in castor oil and place this in the vaginal area. It gives relief in the vaginal pain.
  2. Uterus swelling is common after delivery and causes high fever in patient. In this situation, dip a piece of cloth in castor oil and place this in the vaginal area. It gives relief in the vaginal pain and also cures swelling.


Take one kernel of its seeds, 120 gm milk, and 200 gm water. Mix them all and boil till only milk is left. Mix 9 gm sugar candy in it and give this to the patient. In this way starting from 1 kernel, increase 1 kernel every day for seven days and then reduce 1 everyday till next seven days. It cures blood related disorders. This treatment is also very beneficial as vata shamak.


5- 9 gm castor oil of red Castro oil plant when taken with hot milk helps cure vaginal pain, flatulence, gout, heart problem. Chronic fever, backache and dermatoses pain. It is beneficial in promoting intelligence, skin glow, health, memory, and physical strength. It also enhances longevity the age and strengthens the heart.

Ajmod, Celery (Apium Graveolens) – Medicinal Usage & Properties

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Celery is grown all over in India, especially in west Bengal at the onset of winter season. It grows very well in the northern and western areas of Himalayas and Punjab. Plants bear flowers in FEB –mar and fruits in mar –Apr After which the plant dies. Celery is known as Ajmoda in Sanskrit. It is a famous Indian spice, used to improve digestion strength. Its leaves, petiole etc are used as vegetable. Its botanical name is Apium grave lens.


Celery plants are small herbs like Ajowan. They are 1-3 ft tall. Leaves are separate with graded margins. Flowers are umbrella like in bunches little white flowers grow and change into seeds. They are commonly known as celery seeds.



Decoction of celery root is useful for brain.


Burn celery and inhale its fumes. It cures toothache.


Keep celery seeds inside a betel leaf and suck it. It relieves dry cough.


Celery is energizing and causes anxiety. It is used in curing breathing problems.


In case of hiccough after meals, take 5-10 celery seeds and keep it in mouth. It immediately stops hiccoughs.


  1. Herbs which have taste, take 1-3 gm celery powder with such herbal medicines. It controls any vomiting sensation.
  2. Take 1-3gm celery with 1-2 clove buds. Grind the two and take the mixture with 1 teaspoonful of honey. Lick the mixture. It controls vomiting.


Take 2-4 gm celery powder with 5gm jiggery, 2-3times a day. It eradicates all types of gastric problems.


  1. Take 1gm black salt with 2gm celery seeds orally. It relieves stomach pain.
  2. Take 1-2 drops of celery extract with 1gm ½ gm shunti powder. Take this mixture with warm water. It cons. Trolls abdominal Abdominal pain.


Take equal quantities of 3-6 gm of celery, ginger root powder with butter milk, 3-4 times a day. It controls loose motions.


Take 1- 3gm celery root powder, every morning and evening it is beneficial in curing urinary infections.


Tie Celery seeds in a cloth and apply on the affected area. It controls pile pain.


Take 1-2.5 gm celery powder, 5gm radish leaves juice and 400 mg yavshar. Mix them all and take this mixture every morning and evening for a few days. It helps dissolve the stones which then get easily removed from the body.


In case of gas in urinary bladder, take celery and salt in a cloth and then apply. It reduces the impact of gas.


For children who have worms in intestine , put celery seeds on fire and let the child inhale the fumes. It can also be applied as a paste.


In all kinds of gastric problem, take equal quantities of celery, small peepal, guduchi, rasna,ginger root, ashwagandha (winter cherry), and aniseed . Grind them all to form powder. Take 2 gm of this powder with 09 gm of medicated ghee, twice a day.


Take celery, vayabidang , devdaru, chitrak, root of pipalla, aniseed, black pepper 8 gm each. Also take harad, vidhara and shunthi, 95 gm each. Grind them all to from fine powder. Mix 5 gm of this powder wioth old jiggery. Give this to the patient three times a day. This helps in curing oedema, rheumatoid arthritis, back and thigh pain and all kinds of gastric disorders.


Take 5-15 gm decoction of celery roots or 1-3 gm powder, 2-3 times a day. It is beneficial in curing oedema and pain.


In case of dermatoses , take 1-3 gm celery powder with jiggery, 2-3 times a day for seven days.


Swallow 2gm celery seeds with cold water every morning. It cures fever and cold.


To burst the boils, mix celery seeds with jaggery and cook in mustard oil. Apply this on the boils.


  1. Celery causes burning sensation in the chest. It is also uterine stimulant. Hence pregnant women must consume it.
  2. Patient of hysteria should not consume it.

Surajmukhi (Sunflower) – Medicinal Properties, Usage & Health Benefits



Sunflower moves with the sun throughout the day. Its flower always faces the sun flower . These flowers open at sunrise and close at sunset. Its plants grow in water lands around villages, in gardens, along the roadside, and also in ploughed fields. Violet flowered plants are found especially from Bihar, Orissa to Gujarat and in southern India


Sunflower plants are 2-5 ft tall. The leaf stalk has 5 leaves but the upper leaves are thin and weak. The flowers are white , violet and yellow in color at the center of the flower is the saffron depository which contain the seeds. The plants grow from these seeds.


When the fresh flowers are crushed, unpleasant oil oozes out that have properties similar to those of garlic and mustard. This oil is not found in dry plants. The seeds also have stable oil.


Its main function is to pacify kapha and vata. Its whole plant contains an alcoholic extract which has anti-cancer properties. It promotes digestion, gets easily absorbed in the body and cures pain. It is anthelmintic and especially destroys the earthworms. It cures dermatoses and vata disorders. All the varieties of sunflower, when used locally on the body work like mustard seeds. They produee burning sensation, are stimulating and relieve pain.



Grind its seeds in the juice of its leaves and apply the paste on the forehead for 2-3 days. It completely cures the migraine pain.

Ear Problems:-

  1. In case of ear pain and otorrohoea, prepare medicated oil with its pulp and juice and put drops of this oil in ears. Juice of its leaves can be used alone and is effective in curing the ear pain.
  2. In case of infection, take the juice of its leaves and add powder of equal quantities of trikuta (ginger root, black pepper and peepal). Slightly heat the mixture and put 2-5 drops in the ear. It kills the worms and infection causing micro organisms.


Grind its root with garlic and prepare its cake and tie it in the neck of the patient. The goiter bursts off and become clean, but it pains a lot.

Abdominal Pain:-

In case of stomach pain in children and in flatulence, mix 12 drops of juice of its flowers in milk and give this to the patient.


Put a drop of its seed oil on the belly button. It causes purgation and cleanses the stools.


Take 4 gm powders of its seed and add 4 gm sugar in it. Give this to the patient every morning and evening. It cures piles due to gastric problem. Recommended food: Give only ghee, khichadi and buttermilk.

Vaginal Pain:-

Rub its root in the water in which rice is boiled and apply the paste in vagina.


Grind its root in cow milk and give this to the patient. It helps release the stones from body.

Destroying earthworm and other worms:-

  1. Give 2-5 gm of its seeds to the patient. It kills earthworm and stomach worms.
  2. Give 1.5 to 4 gm powder of its seeds with sugar, twice a day for 3 days and on third day, give enema of castor oil. It kills and releases stomach worms from the body.


  1. Tie its leaves on the boils. It dissolves the swelling.
  2. Rinse severe and infectious ulcers with decoction of its leaves. In severe elephantiasis apply the paste of its leaves. It bursts the ulcer and water gets released which reduces the swelling.


  1. Prepare decoction of 14 gm of its root and give 25 ml of this decoction to the patient every morning and evening. It cures fever.
  2. Grind equal quantities of its leaves and black pepper and then prepare tablets from the mixture. Give 2-2 tablet every morning, afternoon, and evening, for 4 days. It cures fever caused due to cold.
  3. In case of asthma, mix its whole plant powder with trikuta, milk and ghee and give this to the patient followed by rice and ghee. It gives relief in bronchial asthma.


Grind its seeds and give this to the patient. It controls the cholesterol levels in blood.


Grind its leaves and apply the paste on the affected area.

Ginger (Zingiber officinale) – Medicinal Properties & Health Benefits


Ginger is grown all over India and is so familiar that it does not need much introduction. It grows underground and its edible rhizome is used for medicinal purposes. It is called ginger (adrak) when fresh and moist and when it dries up it is called sauntb.


It grows in fertile and sandy soil and its edible root grows underground. The leaves resemble bamboo leaves which grow 1-1 ½ ft above the ground.


It suppresses kapha and vata because it is warm. It eradicates cold, cures swelling and oedema and relieves pain. It strengthens nerves and cures vata.



Prepare paste ginger root with milk and use this to give nasya patient. It cures severe headache.


Give 2 teaspoonful ginger juice and add honey in it. Give this to the patient every morning and evening. It cures bronchitis, rhinitis, and bronchial asthma.


Warm 1 teaspoonful ginger juice and add honey in it. Give this to the patient. It controls the intensity of cold and cough.


Give mixture of powder of pippali and sandbav salt with ginger juice to the patient , to be taken at night before going to bed. It cures bronchial asthma within 5 days of treatment.


Prepare decoction of equal quantities of tinospora, at is, ginger root and nut-grass. Give this to the patient, every morning and evening. It cures weakened state of digestive powder and cures colitis.

Digestive Powder:-

  1. Give 300 ml yavakshar or 3 gm powder of ginger root with ghee, or give only ginger root powder with warm water, every morning to the patient . It acts like appetizer and increases  the appetite of the patient.
  2. Every day, before taking the meals , take sauce of cloves and  ginger. It  purifies tongue and throat. It promotes digestive powder and strengthens the heart.


  1. Cook ginger root and pitta papada and give 6-9 gm of it to the patient regularly.It is anti- pyretic and enhances body powder. It cures thirst and disinterest in food.
  2. Cooked from of ginger root, chiretta, nut-grass and guduchi is also anti- pyretic and enhances body powder. It cures thirst and disinterest in food.


Mix its 5gm juice with 5gm juice of onion and give this to the patient.


Give ginger, triphala and jiggery in that order to the patient. It cures jaundice.


  1. Give decoction of ginger root, belgiri, coriander, mocbras and netrabala to the patient. It cures diarrhoea and fever due to pitta.
  2. Prepare decoction of 10gm coriander and 5gm ginger root and give this to the patient, every morning and evening. It cures fever, diarrhea and pain.


  1. Take equal quantities of ginger root, pippali, root of jamalglota, root of leadwort, and vadyabidang and mix with double the amount of baritaki powder. Give 2-4 gm of this powder to the patient with warm water, every morning and evening.
  2. Give 5-10 gm ginger juice with jiggery mixed in it, every morning. It cures all kind of swelling.

Joint Pain:-

Cook 1\2 kg ginger juice with 250gn sesame oil till only oil is left. Strain the oil and use it to massage the joints. It gives relief from joint pains.

Thirst due to Fever:-

Prepare decoction of ginger root, Nut- grass, pittapapada, khas, red sandalwood, and sugandh bala.Give this to the patient. It cures the thirst during fever.


In all types of fever, prepare panchvidh kashaya of ginger root and dhamasa and give to the patient.

Burning sensation in fever:-

Prepare decoction of ginger root, gandhbala, pittapapada,khas motha and red sandalwood. Give this to the patient. It cures burning sensation.


Give 5gm ginger juice with 5gm honey, 2-3 times a day.

Delirious Fever:-

Mix triktu, rock salt and ginger juice and give this to the patient every morning and evening for a few days.

Body Temperature:-

When the body becomes ice cold during delirium, mix ginger juice with garlic juice and use this to massage the body. It helps body recover the normal temperature and gives warmth.


Take 15 gm ginger juice and 20 gm root of swallowworat. Grind the two till it forms a thick paste which can be used to prepare tablet. Prepare black pepper sized tablet from this mixture. Give these tablet with lukewarm water to the patient. It is beneficial in curing influenza. Similarly, take equal quantities of ginger juice and basil juice and mix a little amount of honey or morpankh bhasma (ash of peacock feather) in it and give this to the patient.

Aloe Vera (Ghritkumari) – Benefits, Medicinal Usage and Properties


Aloe Vera (Ghritkumari) is found all over India. Generally, it is grown in pots in houses.


The plant does not contain a stem. Thick, muscular leaves grow directly from root from all sides. Leaves are 2-4 ft long and 3 inch wide. The margins have small thorns which gives it a look of a chisel. From the center of the leaves grows a long flower pod in which grow red flowers. Plant bears flowers in winter season.


Its extract contains glucosides. The main component alone is light yellow coloured glucoside, called barbiloine. In addition, it contains a resin and fragrant oil.


It is heavy in digestion, unctuous, sticky, pungent, cooling and bitter. It is dry, sour and warm. It is purgative, and beneficial for eyes, is a rejuvenator, and sweet. Its promotes physical strength, improves potency and cures vata, poisonous flatulence, liver disorders, spleen disorders, semen production, cough, fever and cyst. It is beneficial in curing burns. It cures pitta, blood disorders and skin disorders.



Take pulp of Indian aloe and add little amount of powder of darubaldi on it. Heat the pulp slightly and apply on the painful area. It cures vata and kapha related headache.


Take the pulp of Red Indian aloe (plant which bears orange or red coloured flowers). Dilute it in spirit and apply the paste on hair. It turns the hair black. When applied on bald head, it promotes hair growth.

Eye Disorders

  1. Apply the pulp of Indian aloe on eyes. It cures the redness of eyes and reduces the heat of eyes. It is also beneficial in viral conjunctivitis.
  2. Take its 2 gm pulp and add 380 mg poppy in it. Tie this mixture in a piece of clout. Dip this cloth in water and apply the cloth on the eyes. Aloe put 2-3 drops of this mixture in the eyes. It cures pain in eyes.
  3. Mix a little amount of turmeric in its pulp and warm it slightly. Tie this mixture on the eyes. It cures pain in eyes.


In case of pain in one ear, put 3 drops of warm juice of Indian aloe in the opposite ear. It cures the ear pain.

Ear Worms:-

In case of worms in ears due to excessive heart, grind Indian aloe in water and put 3 drops each in the ears. It kills the worms in ears.


Prepare ash (bhasma) of its pulp and saindhava and evening to the patient. It cures bronchitis and severe bronchitis and also cure bronchitis due to kaphaja.


Take 5 gm of its pulp, 7 gm cow ghee, 2 gm Haritaki powder and 2 gm rock salt. Mix them all and give this to the patient every morning and evening. It cures flatulence.

Gastric Tumor:-

Tie its pulp on the stomach. It dissolves the stomach tumour. It softens the hard cures

Stomach Pain:-

Grind 15-20 gm of Indian aloe root and then boil it. Strain the solution, sprinkle a little amount of roasted asfoetida on it and give this to the patient. It cures stomach pain.

Bleeding Piles:-

Mix 60 gm pulp of Indian aloe with 3 gm grinded geru. Prepare its cake. Place it on a piece of cotton and them place the cotton on the anus region and then tie it with cloth. It cures the pain and burning sensation in the boils. The boils shrink and get cured. This treatment is useful in bleeding piles also.


  1. Give 20-30 ml juice of Indian aloe,3-5 times a day. It cures disorders of pitta. It cures yellowness of eyes and also cures constipation. Its juice can be given to the patient as nasya to inhale through nose and cures nasal disorders.
  2. Give 4-7 gm of its juice with butter milk. It cures spleen and liver enlargement, flatulence pain and also cures any disorders of digestive system. Take off the pulp from its leaves and fill the peel of leaves in an earthen pot and add a little amount of salt in it. Close the mouth of the pot and cook it on fire. When the internal material burns completely and turns black, grind it into a fine powder and store it in a bottle. This powder is used as medicine.