Allergic Rhinitis

Allergens are the substances that cause allergic reactions in the body. It affects all age groups but the affected ratio is higher in females than males. Around , 30% of the population suffers from allergy. There are so many types of allergies but the most common one is allergic rhinitis. Allergic rhinitis is the inflammation of the nasal mucosa, which occurs due to immediate hypersensitivity reaction towards antigen. The people who suffer usually came with the self – reported symptoms like – sneezing, watery discharge from nose and eyes along with the congestion. Theseepisodes may last for few hours.As per classics, the persons who have very less immunity are prone for allergy. Allergic rhinitis may be seasonal (eg. Harvesting time ) or perennial (throughout the year).


Among these few are the immediate causes like dust, smoke. And few are prolonged ones like – sleeping in day time, awakening at night etc.

Aahar (Diet)
Vihar ( Lifestyle)
Mansikkarnas (Mental Status)
Low Immunity
Environmental Factors
Exposure to dust and pollens
Food Allergies
Climatic Changes
Awakening at nig
Topical agents 
Harvest season
Polluted water
Sleeping in day time
Corticosteroids Therapy
Rainy season
Excessive water intake
Residing with pets



Some people experience only few symptoms. These symptoms may be aggravating in early morning. Like-

  • Profuse Nasal discharge (watery and thin)
  • Frequent episodes of Sneezing
  • Heaviness in head
  • Nasal obstruction
  • Swollen eyes
  • Itching in throat ,eyes and nose
  • Breathing discomfort
  • Anorexia (reduced appetite )
  • Redness in eyes
  • Halitosis ( bad breath)
  • Anosmia ( loss of the sense of smell)

There are some factors which provokes these symptoms are- temperature, smoke and daily useful things like sprays etc


  • History of allergy in family
  • Weak immune system


  • Decongestants – like steam , anutaila, tulsi and menthol nasal drops
  • Immunoboosters - all the things which increasesojas like – ghrita etc.
  • Adapting rituchary (modifications in lifestyle according to seasons )
  • Internal medicines


Allergic rhinitis if not treated on time can leads to sinusitis. And these patients are more prone to develop Asthma. This condition can be well managed with the Ayurvedic medications.

  • Nidanaparivarjana ( Avoid the cause)
  • Panchkarma
    • Vaman
    • Nasya ( shunthi,pippali,vidangadidravyasidha taila.etc)
    • Dhoompana ( haridradi etc)
  • Internal Medicines-  Mahalaxmivilas Rasa, godanti , chitakharitaki, panchamrit , chavanprash .etc Ghritpana-    Katu -tiktadravyasidhaghrita


  • Drinking peppermints for nasal congestion
  • Chew pieces of ginger, clove
  • Steam inhalations
  • Drink hot turmeric mixed milk
  • Use mask while travelling

AVOID -  Cold water for drinking  and bathing

  • Excessive thinking
  • Alcohol
  • Avoid exposure to the pollens and dust etc.